Guest Book for Colten David Brown

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Posted by: Pamela Lucks
Mon January 11, 2021
We met Colten through hmRyan and Kim. He always had the biggest smile and it was contagious. He's truly going to be missed by everyone who knew him. Our deepest sympathies to all of his loved ones. Praying for strength and peace.
In God's love,
Pam and David Lucks

Posted by: Bill and Cindy Caputo
Mon January 11, 2021
From a small child to an accomplished adult. Our sympathy and prayers to all of his family.32

Posted by: Mrs Schreck
Mon January 11, 2021
Colten was in my class at WCCC and I will never forget his great bear hugs.  He was never afraid to share them when he saw I needed one.  It was great to see a student show his faith so willingly. It made me smile every time.  
Please know that I will be praying for all of you through this time.  I know Colten is giving his hugs away as we speak.  The hug he gave/got from God must have been emotional.

Posted by: Melissa Turner
Mon January 11, 2021
I am so sorry Pam. It has been years since I have seen you and your boys. This came as a shock. There are no words I can say except I am sorry and praying for you and your family.

Posted by: Jodi Carter
Mon January 11, 2021
You my cousin were the youngest of the first cousins, it's unfair. I used to find it funny when we would take our walks and people who and people who would see us together and think you were my boyfriend, the Lord knows I was old enough to be your mom it made me laugh the conversations we would have work great. I will cherish this time I had with you and enjoy every memory. I will miss you but you will always be loved and in my heart.

Posted by: Jim campbell
Mon January 11, 2021
Sorry to hear of your families loss.  At least you can rest assured that he is in no pain anymore, and in Gods hands

Posted by: Craig & Cathy Steinkamp
Tue January 12, 2021
It came with a great deal of regret that we learned of Colten's passing. As a young boy he was always pleasant to meet up with him and his family,and great to be around as a young worker,always like a breath of fresh air and always had a refreshing humor. Our deepest sympathy to Colten's entire family and know our prayers are with you in this tragic time.

Posted by: Chris McQueen
Tue January 12, 2021
I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My prayers are with you and your family.

Tue January 12, 2021
I met Colten as co-adviser for Student Senate at JCC. He was smart, sweet, funny, and so very kind. He gave the biggest bear hugs, not just because he was a little bear himself, but because he just loved people. The world has lost a wonderful soul way too soon.

Posted by: Carole n Steve Klaue
Tue January 12, 2021
Very sad to go so young.  No matter how long you love a child, it is never easy to lose them.  Blessings  and love sent to all.  Oxoxox

Posted by: Michelle (Wyman) Bartosek
Tue January 12, 2021
I had the honor and pleasure of having Colten in my first grade class in Tidioute. I remember his sense of humor, even at that young age. He always had a smile. He was so smart. I knew he would do well as he grew older. I ran into him and two of his friends at Wal-Mart a couple of years ago. He made a point of stopping me to say hello. What a pleasant young man I remember thinking. I was so proud of him when he told me what he had been doing with his life. I am so sad to hear of his passing. You have my deepest sympathy.

Posted by: Barry LaCastro
Tue January 12, 2021
All though we never met. From talking to Brother's that knew you well, I'm sure we would have laughed a lot. May you rise with the Holy Spirit and be blessed at the gates of Heaven.
Barry "Assassin" LaCastro
Theta Class

Posted by: Cindy Strickland-Christensen
Tue January 12, 2021
Cody and family,
My deepest sympathy with the passing of Colten.  I  continue to pray for peace and comfort as you deal with such a loss.  May God bless you and hold in the palm of his hand.  Sincerely, Cindy

Posted by: Mike and Karen Goannamore
Tue January 12, 2021
Prayers and condolences

Posted by: Kelli Carpinello
Tue January 12, 2021

A Little Bit of Sunshine was sent by Kelli Carpinello.

Colten will forever be in our hearts. ~The Penn State Behrend Cheerleaders


Posted by: Beth Ann Servidio
Tue January 12, 2021
I met Colten at Erie Fitness Academy.  He was happy to talk to anyone, including me, who he didn’t really know.  It is what I remember most about him and how it made me feel.  He will be missed.  With deepest sympathy and prayers.

Posted by: Dr. Elliott
Wed January 13, 2021
Colten was in my research methods classes at Penn State Behrend and a prominent figure in our psychology program. He and his many friends helped make those years happy and productive with many activities and lots of support. When he graduated, it was a happy and sad moment for we knew that his exuberant personality would be missed. We were so proud that he chose to be an officer and knew that he would make a difference in our community. Occasionally, he would stop by to tell us how he was doing and see what new research was happening in the department. I can still hear his words coming down the hall, "Hey Dr. Elliott,..."  It is a great loss for us all and ultimately for the Erie Community.  Thank you to the family for sharing his memorial services on the news so we could add our condolences. We feel his loss and miss him. Thank you to all who are wearing masks and following the guidelines as I would rather be writing recommendation letters instead of condolences.

Posted by: Rebecca Misterovich
Wed January 13, 2021
I am truly sorry to hear about Colten. I had meet Colten through our Psychology program at Penn State Behrend. He was a great mentor and friend. Colten was always there if someone needed a lending ear, and he would talk about what he wanted to accomplish within his life. We both would discuss the many different subjects and readings we had to work on when we were pursuing our Psychology degree.
I am truly saddened that he had to leave so soon. Colten will be deeply missed.

Posted by: Edward Lamp
Thu January 14, 2021
I am deeply sorry for you lose ,nobody seems to believe that covid-19 is real but as a correctional officer I have seen first hand this virus impact a lot of people. Both my wife and I caught it back in April. I almost lost my wife but by the grace of God she pulled through, we both have after effect and I was just recently aloud to return to work after eight months ,and we both have lost family my heart goes out to the family and our hearts breaks knowing that such a good young man was taken by the virus. Love and prayer Lisa and Edward Lamp

Posted by: Ashley Lupro
Thu January 14, 2021
Although I did not know Colton personally, I can certainly respect the job he loved. It takes a special person to wake up everyday and want to make the world a better place one person at a time, especially with how ugly the world can be to those in our profession. I am sending my thoughts and prayers to your family. May Colton's love and service live on through the lives he touched. - Ashley Lupro, Franklin County Probation Department

Posted by: Cary Bradford
Sat January 16, 2021
While time and the directions of our lives have distanced us, I want you to know you're not sensing this incomprehensible loss of Colten, alone. My being aches for what you must be feeling from this void which certainly exists in your souls now, Dave, Cody and your closest loved ones. Fill it with the understanding this must have been God's purpose for Colten. From everything I've gathered, he was designed to show the rest of us, consideration for the needs of other's, first, is the heart, the way to happiness, joy and freedom, and life after this one. Your family is with you.

Posted by: John John
Sun January 17, 2021
i did not know Colten   I am touched by his passing at a young age but most importantly by his  life of service  and kindness